Posidonia Oceanica

The project MEDCOT falls within the objectives and priorities of the program, as it promotes, through a joint program, an action strategy for the protection and sustainable development of coasts, promoting economic development of local communities, to program a concrete revival of tourism activities through the use of the coastlines. In addition, this project faces a further problem, very common in coastal countries, concerning the disposal of stranded Posidonia that prevents the fruition of beach areas in highly tourist places. In particular, this project aims to transform the residues of stranded Posidonia from waste into resource.
MEDCOT aims to be an opportunity to establish a task force of technical experts for permanent confrontation, with the purpose of proposing to political institutions (in Italy and Tunisia) an organic proposal for a joint management of issues related to the fruition of the Mediterranean coastline.
The project involves the development of guidelines for the integrated and sustainable management of residues of stranded Posidonia (collection, pre-processing and composting), to convert it into compost, to be used as soil conditioner or cultivation substrate. Waste disposal of stranded Posidonia affects a lot on the budgets of many coastal municipalities that annually provide for the collection, transportation and landfilling of thousands of tons of biomass. This waste could otherwise lead to inconveniences for the tourist fruition of the beaches. Indeed the stranding of Posidonia, is a problem especially for tourism-based coastal municipalities, forced to repeated and costly activities of cleaning and waste disposal. Moreover, without any guidelines provided about the means of intervention and management, the removal of such biomass can cause damage to coastal ecosystems. Residues of stranded Posidonia, in fact, especially when they form the so-called banquettes, play a protective role of sandy coasts against erosion, by reducing wave energy, and holding large amounts of sediment (sand).

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MedCot è un progetto di promozione dello sviluppo sostenibile cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea nell'ambito del Programma ENPI di cooperazione transfrontaliera Italia-Tunisia 2007-2013.
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MedCot "Métodhologies durable pour la rehabilitation et la valorisation du littoral côtier".
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